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Smartphones Dual SIM - Buy or Not?

July 13, 2020 0

In addition to being extremely practical, Dual SIM smartphones have been increasingly sought after. Users can use 2 SIM cards simultaneously to access more internet on the mobile phone, or even to reconcile personal and professional contact in a single device. The AliExpress, offers a wide range of smartphones with this possibility, however you must first know what type of Dual SIM to use.

Standby - Two SIM cards are allowed, but only one is active. In these equipments it is never possible to use the 2 cards simultaneously, being necessary to choose which one you want to be active.

Active - You can use both SIM cards simultaneously, each of which will pick up your network (if different operators). The great advantage is that it can be contacted in both numbers, without having to give preference to one of them.

In the above selection you can find dual SIM smartphones standby and active. Now the right choice for you, will depend on the usage needs you think you have.

Dresses at great prices!

February 17, 2018 0
Woman in a dress AliExpress Shop Online Buy
If you are the type of woman who likes dresses, then you will be surrendered to the options that the AliExpress Shop Online presents. After an intensive analysis, we selected the dresses that are a must in any wardrobe and of course we took into consideration the prices. You will not find anything like this, they are simply fantastic and unbelievable prices.

After the survey, we divided the category into two dresses, winter dresses and summer dresses.

We are sure, that here you will find dresses to your liking, let's start in the winter.


Winter Dresses AliExpress Shop Online Tips

Winter Dresses AliExpress Shop Online Low Prices


Summer Dresses AliExpress Shop Online Dresses Shop Online

Summer Dresses AliExpress Shop Online On Sale

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Diagnostic Machines for Automobiles

February 16, 2018 0
Máquina diagnóstico para o seu carroWith so much technology, today's cars need more specific maintenance. In order to follow all the electronics with which the cars come equipped, but without the need to change parts, the so-called diagnostic machines were created.
This equipment makes a diagnosis and points exactly to the technician, where is the fault.
This information is presented with specific error codes for the part of the car evaluated.
What is the advantage?
With a more precise diagnosis system, it avoids changing parts that are not the cause of the problem, and as a consequence, saves money.

We have searched for portable, car diagnostic machines on AliExpress, get the result.

AliExpress Ferramenta diagnóstico carros

AliExpress Acessórios Carro

The selection you see in the first image are portable diagnostic machines, and no need to connect to a computer. Already in the second selection the selected equipment requires the use of a computer with access to an auto program like ELM / OBD.
You can find all products in the selection above using the Link - Auto Diagnostic Accessories, or leave a comment with your question, we will respond as soon as possible.

Engagement Rings

February 16, 2018 0
Anéis de Noivado
The engagement ring is the traditional gift that the groom gives to the bride after the wedding request. They are interested in choosing the price, the beauty and the suitability of the jewelry.
On AliExpress, you have thousands of possible choices! Rings vary in everything from price to style. You will find simple rings worth $ 0.11, to precious rings of thousands of dollars. One of the biggest advantages with AliExpress is to be able to analyze in detail the options available in the comfort of your home without compromise.

The AliExpress Shop Online has selected for you some engagement rings.

Check out the amazing options you can get! If you do not know how to get there see the article - Perfect Gifts for Women.

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Jewelry - The Perfect Prop

February 15, 2018 0
Jóias – O Adereço Perfeito

Jewels continue to be the most desired gift for women. However, the price is something that reduces the possibility of offering them regularly.
Well, on AliExpress has that opportunity. In the section Jewelry, you will find props of all kinds with prices ranging from € 0.01 to over € 1,500.00. Don't miss this opportunity and surprise the women of your life!

Check out the necklaces options we have selected for you!

Jóias, colares

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How to pay for an order on AliExpress

February 14, 2018 0
How to Pay a Order on  AliExpress
If you are reading this article you may have already found something on AliExpress that you would like to buy, but you may have questions about the payment process. First of all you should know that besides being very easy and safe, AliExpress offers you several payment methods. So the steps are:

1 -  Select the order and click the Pay Now button

2 - Choose whether you want to pay everything you have on your cart or a specific item

3 -  Escolher o método pretendido

Pay on AliExpress with VISA,MasterCard and others

You can make payment with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro debit card, Western Union, bank transfer, and others that you can see by selecting the See more option.

Buy and Pay on AliExpress

Payment Security

Pay safely with your credit card without exposing your details. When you make the payment your details are protected by the VeriSign SSL encryption service (the highest level of protection available in the market).

Aliexpress checks all transactions and details. You will only be asked to send the order, after confirming payment.

We hope you have made it clear that you are able to find the best AliExpress business.

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