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When we shop at a market place online, we always want to follow our order. With AliExpress the process is very easy. You just need to go to the website, log in, go to the MY ORDER section, choose the order that you want to follow and go to the link TRACK ORDER as you can see bellow.

AliExpress Tips

With  this option TRACK ORDER you will find all the information you need, since the day and hour of expedition, until the moment of delivery.  It will depende on the expedition way, it can or not have  a tracking number, but if exists will always be at the end of the page.

AliExpress Help Track a Order

The AliExpress Shop Online provides all the necessary tips and answer to all your questions. In response to a question of a reader we made this article It is safe to buy on AliExpress? Check this one too. Help us to get better leave us your comment, AliExpress Shop Online appreciate.

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