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Proteção ao Consumidor AliExpress
Buying on AliExpress is safe? What if the order does not arrive? I have already made the payment by credit card and I am afraid I do not receive the articles.

What Guarantees do you have?

Full refund - C- If the order does not arrive in the promised time or does not arrive at all, AliExpress guarantees the full refund of the amount paid.

Full or Partial refund - This warranty is applied in cases where the product does not match the one promoted by the seller. In these situations you can choose to stay with the product, and receive a portion of the amount spent as compensation or return the order for full refund.


How Does Consumer Protection Work?

Contact the Seller - The first step is to contact the seller because most sellers are immediately available to solve the situation. This is because a positive rating (up to 5 stars at the most) ensures the seller a better position on AliExpress.

Open Dispute If you do not have a favorable response from the seller you always have the possibility to open a dispute with the intervention of the AliExpress team. In this option you will be able to discuss a formal solution with the seller, however the big difference is that there are maximum deadlines that the same has to respect. Most of the cases that arrive at the dispute end with the full refund without intervention of AliExpress.

Climb the Dispute to AliExpress - This is the last stage of the dispute, and is mediated by the team of AliExpress itself. Not many cases arrive at this point, but when this happens you can be sure that if there is a valid reason to enter into a dispute, it will be solved.

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