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ALIEXPRESS SHOP ONLINE REPETIDOR WIRELESS DICASA wifi signal or amplifier is an alternative to increase Coverage of wireless internet access increasingly used.
One of the principal factors of the need to a wifi amplifier is the distance from the router to the access point (computer, tablet or smartphone). However there are other factors that condition the arrival of the internet signal to your equipment, like the walls, mirrors in the way of the signal, or the simple fact that the router has a poor ability to reach.

AliExpress has an excellent offer for wifi signal amplifiers, and we made a selection of the most interesting products for you.
AliExpressShopOnline Dicas Amplificador Wireless
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The truth is that in most cases the amplifier will solve the lack of signal, but it is important to have in mind that the amplifier uses the same frequency that the main router, As a consequence of a significant increase in noise and interference. Besides that, using an amplifier you should remind that t you ´re connecting an intermediary between the main router and your computer, so the speeds achieved will be lower.

In short,  have a amplifier is indeed effective to reach of the wi-fi signal, We recommend using one as long as you are willing to "sacrifice" some of your internet speed. In case of doubt leave your comment  we will be happy to reply. 

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