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Não pagar Taxas da Alfândega no AliExpress
How to buy from AliExpress without being Taxed by the customs authority?  Lots of orders Pass through customs every day but it is normal to some of them get stuck. So let's see how avoid this issue in four steps.

Dimension and Weight

The larger the order size, the more likely it is to be verified by the customs authority. 
As a rule, smaller items tend to go unnoticed, 
also the weight of an order can influence the probability of being inspected, and this is more easily suspected of counterfeit equipment for example.


In the same way that the size of your order influences the probability of being checked by the customs authority, the value also has a great weight. If the order has a very high value the probability of being checked is larger, but the inverse also applies. In other words, if the value declared in the order is too low for the type of item, the more likely it is to be verified, and then the buyer must present the proof of payment.


Well, At this point the problem lies in the counterfeit material and imitations of the original marks. For example, if you order a sweater from your football club and you are unlucky enough to be target for verification, it´s very likely to pay a tax and also pay a fine for the purchase of a counterfeit item. 
AliExpressShop Online Tips

In fact ordering through AliExpress is a good deal, but requires care as well as placing orders through any other website that sends the products from another country. Some advice we have left is:

  • Avoid high value orders whenever possible.
  • Have in mind what you will save, and whether it is compensatory even though it is taxed by the customs authority.
  • Avoid buying counterfeit products. Despite the quality control that AliExpress applies on its platform, you should always pay attention to the details.
  • If your order is verified and you are asked for information, NEVER give false or incorrect information. Doing so only increases the likelihood of being taxed, and even of having problems with justice.
  • Check how much you will have to pay if your order is checked. You can use the site Duty Calculator.
Any doubt about this, leaves us a comment. 
But, what about security when buying on AliExpress, does it exist?  Check this article - Is It Safe to Buy on AliExpress? And know how to be protected.

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