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As technology advances the need for mobility increase too, that is one of the biggest reasons for which the big technology brands are always creating new equipments. The idea that phones are just for calls, or computers used just at home, is an idea from the past! Therefore the worst thing that could happen in the middle of something important is to run out battery. An excellent solution for this issue is to have a Power bank in your pocket; however it´s important to choose the one that best suit your need.

How many equipments? 

To begin we should know how many equipments we want to charge, and choose the right power bank for it, with the right amount of inputs. This is important because if you use an internet hotspot you need to charge them both, phone and internet device.

And with this comes the second question.

What is the capacity?

Next but equally importante, we need to know the batery power for which one of our equipments, this is  very important to charge all of them.  

Let´s see this example:

Imagine a Samsung galaxy S7 runs with a battery of 3000amps and the Iphone 7 runs with battery of 1960 amps, so a total of 4960amps. If you need to charge both, you will need a power bank with two different inputs (one for iphone, one for Samsung because they have different inputs), besides that with a capacity of, at least, 5000amps. The idea to keep is that the capacity of power back must be at least equal to yours.

Well now you know what to look for, we leave here the selection of most interesting power bank we found at AliExpress. Inside of the red boxes are the capacities of which power bank and we also leave in red the specifications.

carregador portatil aliexpress shop online dicas

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