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Smartphones Dual SIM - Buy or Not?

In addition to being extremely practical, Dual SIM smartphones have been increasingly sought after. Users can use 2 SIM cards simultaneously to access more internet on the mobile phone, or even to reconcile personal and professional contact in a single device. The AliExpress, offers a wide range of smartphones with this possibility, however you must first know what type of Dual SIM to use.

Standby - Two SIM cards are allowed, but only one is active. In these equipments it is never possible to use the 2 cards simultaneously, being necessary to choose which one you want to be active.

Active - You can use both SIM cards simultaneously, each of which will pick up your network (if different operators). The great advantage is that it can be contacted in both numbers, without having to give preference to one of them.

In the above selection you can find dual SIM smartphones standby and active. Now the right choice for you, will depend on the usage needs you think you have.

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