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Diagnostic Machines for Automobiles

Máquina diagnóstico para o seu carroWith so much technology, today's cars need more specific maintenance. In order to follow all the electronics with which the cars come equipped, but without the need to change parts, the so-called diagnostic machines were created.
This equipment makes a diagnosis and points exactly to the technician, where is the fault.
This information is presented with specific error codes for the part of the car evaluated.
What is the advantage?
With a more precise diagnosis system, it avoids changing parts that are not the cause of the problem, and as a consequence, saves money.

We have searched for portable, car diagnostic machines on AliExpress, get the result.

AliExpress Ferramenta diagnóstico carros

AliExpress Acessórios Carro

The selection you see in the first image are portable diagnostic machines, and no need to connect to a computer. Already in the second selection the selected equipment requires the use of a computer with access to an auto program like ELM / OBD.
You can find all products in the selection above using the Link - Auto Diagnostic Accessories, or leave a comment with your question, we will respond as soon as possible.

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