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How to pay for an order on AliExpress

How to Pay a Order on  AliExpress
If you are reading this article you may have already found something on AliExpress that you would like to buy, but you may have questions about the payment process. First of all you should know that besides being very easy and safe, AliExpress offers you several payment methods. So the steps are:

1 -  Select the order and click the Pay Now button

2 - Choose whether you want to pay everything you have on your cart or a specific item

3 -  Escolher o método pretendido

Pay on AliExpress with VISA,MasterCard and others

You can make payment with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro debit card, Western Union, bank transfer, and others that you can see by selecting the See more option.

Buy and Pay on AliExpress

Payment Security

Pay safely with your credit card without exposing your details. When you make the payment your details are protected by the VeriSign SSL encryption service (the highest level of protection available in the market).

Aliexpress checks all transactions and details. You will only be asked to send the order, after confirming payment.

We hope you have made it clear that you are able to find the best AliExpress business.

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